We acquire independent 
Fashion Brands
on Shopify & Amazon and fix them for a Profit

As a founder, you get an A-team that will grow your brand into a household name while you continue to profit from its growth

About US


We acquire fashion brands and put them on a path towards success. We do this by reducing their COGS by at least 50% from it's current level and we build a team around our founder partners in order for them to scale up quickly. 

Our Value Addition

Supply Chain: We provide supply chain support through our partner factories in order to make it easy for our brands to access goods at comparatively lower cost

Growth Capital: We provide growth capital for marketing, advertising, and working capital.

Team: We act an extended team for our brands in order to help them efficiently scale from X to 10X


We acquire

1️⃣ ONLY brands in the fashion and apparel category

2️⃣ Brands where we are confident to bring COGS down by 50%

3️⃣ Brands where the founder(s) commit to sticking together for 2 years

Qualitative Characteristics

1️⃣ Passionate about the fashion business

2️⃣ Laser-sharp focus on customer experience

3️⃣ Thorough understanding of digital marketing channel

Quantitative Characteristics

1️⃣ Based in the US, Canada, Australia, UK, and Western Europe

2️⃣ Must be in business for at least 2 years

3️⃣ Annual sales ranging from US$500k to US$2M


How Do We Work With Our Founder Partners?

Our Startegy

*️⃣ Acquire: We acquire brands that fit our investment criteria. The acquisition strategy will depend upon the stage of acquisition.

*️⃣ Team Building: We build a team around each brand for shared services and then grow by adding new distribution channels and expanding geographically while optimising cost.

*️⃣ Scale-up: Before the acquisition, each brand operates on a specific platform (Amazon/Shopify) and in a very specific geography. After the acquisition, each brand will sell on multiple platforms and also expand geographically. 

*️⃣ Markdown: As a direct factory partner with no intermediaries involved in sourcing, we follow an aggressive markdown strategy because our liquidation price can match factory price.



Getting to know your brand by organizing 1-2 meetings ranging from 30 minutes to 90 minutes. At this stage, we evaluate a mutual fit and decide whether we would like to engage further or not.

Letter Of Intent

Establish basic terms of our commercial engagement defined by our LOI. This step is usually done within 48 hours from the introductory call. If more time is required, we will communicate this information actively.

Operational Due Diligence

In order to ensure that we can bring the COGS down significantly, we need to evaluate your products. We will ask you to courier samples of your regular best-seller SKUs/ ASINs.  This process can take 4-6 weeks.

financial & legal Due Diligence

After clearing the operational Due diligence, we proceed with Financial and Legal due diligence leading to final closure of the deal

Accelerates & Grow Together

This is the long and painful process post acquisition because this where we work closely with our founder-partners to scale their brands from X to 10X


Karan Bose

Managing Director

Prodyut Bhattacharyya


Jatin mittal



Hr & recruitment


Hr & recruitment


Store & Inventory


Accounts Manager


HR & Ops


Merchandise manager


SEO & Web Designer


PR & Media


Content Writer

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